First you’ve to know what an atom is. Atom is the smallest part of something (is the basic unit of matter).

What’s matter? 

Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. Matter can be formed through solid, liquid and gases materials.  

  • An atom is made up of three kinds of particles called subatomic particles which are:
  1. Protons these part of an atom have a positive charge. They’re in the middle of the atom called the nucleus and they don’t move.

 Neutrons these part  of an atom have no charge. They’re neutral and part of the nucleus of an atom with the protons.

    Electron these part of an atom are very small and weight a lot less then the nucleus and proton. Electrons are not part of the nucleus of the atom instead they move around in orbits outside the nucleus. Electrons are the only part of an atom that moatom

    Structure of an atom

    So electricity is the flow of electrons from one place to another. Electrons can flow through any materials, but does so more easily in some than in others.
    How easily it flows is called resistance the resistance of material is measured in ohms by ohmmeters.The flow of electrons is called current and meassured in Amps by Amperemotion, And making electrons flow through a resistance requires an attractive force to pul them. This force called electromotive force/EMF is meassured in volts by voltmeter. A volt is the force required to pull 1 amp through 1 ohm of resistance.

    As electrons flow through a resistance, it performs a certain amount of work. It may be in the form of heat, a magnetic field or motion, but does something. This work is called power and is meassured in watts


    Current-is the amount of electrons flow in a conductor per unit time.

    Voltage-is the force which used to push an electrons in a conductor

    Resistance- is an obstacle which slows an electrons to flow in a conductor.

    Ohm’s law

    The potential difference across in a conductor is proportional to the current through it.

    R=V/I.     P=IxV

    Next time I’ll come with an electric circuit.

    By Alex Marando


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