: A place where where things are made or repaired.

: A class or series of class in which a small group of people learn the methods and skills used in doing something.

Is the state of being safe from the risk of enjury,denger or loss.

Are as follow as;

{1} Clean the workshop bofore ane after work.
{2} Always listen carefully to the teacher and follow instruction.
{3} Don’t run in the workshop.
{4} Wear good strong shoes,training shoes are not suitable.
{5} Do not use a machine if you have not been shown how to operate in safely way by a teacher.
{6} Arrenge proper your tools/equipment after work.
{7} Always use guard when working on a machine.
{8} Use hands tool carefully,keeping both hands behind the cutting adge.
{9} Know where emergancy stop button are postioned in the workshop. If you see an accident at the other side of the workshop you can use the emergency stop button to turn off all electrical power to machine.


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